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The Simcoe Heritage Friendship Festival is Norfolk County’s longest-running summer festival, providing a great weekend showcasing Arts & Crafts Vendors, Commercial Vendors, Community Organizations, delicious food and excellent music!

Every year, Friendship Fest continues to attract returning and new patrons to Wellington, Clifton and Grant Anderson Parks in beautiful, downtown Simcoe, Ontario on the Civic Holiday Weekend, with our dates this year being Friday August 2-Monday August 5, 2024.

How To Apply:

We have streamlined the application process for you, with everything being available online, including electronic e-Transfer payments. (Cheques can still be mailed if you prefer...see below for details). If you need assistance, you can call us at (548)331-3378 or email us at info @ friendshipfest . ca (eliminate spaces when you email us).   


Below, you will find two Google Forms: A Vendor Application Form (for our Arts & Crafts Artisans, our NEW Jr. Makers Market and our Commercial Vendors), and A Food Vendor Application Form (Scroll down to bottom). 

Norfolk County Rules & Regulations:

As this Festival takes place in the downtown public parks of Simcoe, Ontario, we must abide by Norfolk County Rules and Regulations.  Please familiarize yourself with these Rules & Regulations, as set out in their Outdoor Special Events Manual, a link to which can be found HERE 

You can find the information about applying for Liability Insurance HERE

If you are a Food Vendor, or you sell edible products, or are providing any type of esthetic services (including Face Painting), you can find the information about the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit HERE

Vendor Categories

We are excited to announce that there are 5 types of Vendor Opportunities at this year's Festival:

1) Arts & Crafts Artisans: We are looking to fill the parks with as many unique, local or regional Artisans and their hand-crafted wares, to be featured in our Artisan Marketplace.

2) Jr. Makers Market: This new venture is intended to highlight and assist young, Artisan Entrepreneurs. To secure a spot in our Jr. Makers' Market, you must be 18 years of age or younger and you must hand-make your work yourself. You may share a booth with ONE other Jr. Maker (who must apply separately.  Indicate on each of your application forms who the other maker will be.)  Click here for the Jr. Makers Application:

3) Commercial Vendors: The Commercial Vendor Marketplace is intended to showcase vendors selling commercial products only.

4) Food Vendors: We hope to showcase a wide variety of interesting food and beverage choices at this year's Festival.  We look forward to your application!

5) Community Non-Profits/Not-for-Profits: The Festival would like to help out our local, Community Charitable Organizations. If your organization would like to participate in the Festival in some way (with a Booth, or being involved in another way), please send an email to indicating your interest and we will work with you to make this possible.

We look forward to having you join us this summer and to being able to showcase and promote your business as we lead up to the Festival!

PLEASE NOTE: Vendor Fees reflect special 2024 pricing,

as a THANK YOU to all of our vendors from previous years,

and those joining us for the first time! 

(Applications are best viewed on a desk-top computer)


Click on this link (Or fill out directly below):

(Scroll Down for FOOD Vendor Application)

Become A Vendor

Food Vendor Application:

Click on this link:
or Fill out in the form below:

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